GPRO calc

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Race data:
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Driver training:
Fitness class Yoga PR training Tech training Sports psychologist Ninja Class
+2 Stamina
-1,-2 Weight
-6,-7 Motivation
+5,+6 Concentration
-2 Aggressiveness
-2 Stamina
+5,+8 Motivation
+7 Charisma
-3 Concentration
+5 Technical insight
+-? Motivation
+14 Motivation +1 Concentration
+4 Aggressiveness
Car regions Sponsor characteristics
1 - Engine cover
2 - Sidepods
3 - Nose
4 - Rear wing-front wing
Finances The most important, the more you will make bids.
Expectations Expectations for you during the sponsor's contract. Sponsorship agreement and the expectations of men from the moment sign results should be consistent. Results disagreement expectations and your first, they warn, will persist for cancellation agreement.
Patience The most important second feature. If high how this rate, they can appeal offers so hard. Patience 1 / 7 that of a sponsor offer you accept everything. The smallest man in the bargain for bargain negotiations are completed. Same as 6 / 7 or 7 / 7 that if a sponsor offers to get what money, always ask for much more.
Reputation Sponsor's charisma, something like this. Matter how high, so you leave hardly. Not very important feature.
Image Driver with the right proportion charismas sI. According to the image of one of the sponsors here, the answer to this question. How popular is your driver with fans? The answers questions directly proportional to the Imaje sponsor. 7 / 7 that is loved by the fans choose, if 1 / 7 is hated by the fans choose.
Negotiation Sponsor deal speeds the process and how you negotiate their own bid increase times. I think not over-important
Race info: